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Message Subject My GOD is Provable
Poster Handle 1000
Post Content
I will prove God
By using the negative
Aspect. Why are we poisoned?
Why are we vaccined to death?
Have you loved your enemy?
Pray for them?
The human body is a masterpiece
Along with indwelling Spirit.
Together they fuse together.
If you have to be brainwashed to follow
God then your following the wrong one?
This world is a reflection of the One or Onez
In charge.
What are you doing to help create harmony
Gift of permanence
And a couple skills to manifest
I would be rich in deed to be a servant of right action
What are we doing to help lift the world
Are we changing ourselves?
Ever been a prison guard?
Perfection can’t rule a fractured society.
It needs those who been to hell and back
True love is loving a masculine who holds the key to your
Libido and used only for him.
I have found so much golden nuggets to live life
Like a senior citizen from waist up. You focus all on things missed when your groin was activated causing mayhem.
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