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Message Subject My GOD is Provable
Poster Handle 1000
Post Content
Children are holders of memory and spiritual wisdom
12 yr olds create colostrum oil in brain
Sleeping to get some where up on top
Saling soul
Screwing over your loved ones
Sale your children
On and on
Plz investigate this
It will lead you to the truth
Of who you we are.
All these things
In the mundane reality
I am So grateful
Greater is what dwells within
Than what dwells outside
 Quoting: 1000 77508581

My God is proveable what we do to another
We do to our selves plz help and say blaze blaze blaze the violet fire
Transmuting shadow into light light light

Transmute dark to light
If we all could get it be One
For 24 hours we would defeat evil.
We would defeat our enemies conquer mind control
Love God like we were suppose to with our own
Vibration harmony then sounding all the same smelling mk ultra like gangum style
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