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Message Subject Give me everything you got on why global warming is bullshit
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Mann's tree ring data was from cherry-picked physically damaged trees.

There was no calibration to adjust for the difference between mercury thermometers an alcohol thermometers.

Data ignores or deletes The Mini Ice-Age.
Data ignores or deletes The Medieval Warming period.

Data is assumed for the southern hemisphere without any collaboration.

Data somehow does not show the Dustbowl heating interval.

Extrapolations of effects of raised carbon levels do not match actual results of times in history of corresponding carbon levels.

Higher levels of predicted rain shows chances of flooding but no increase of arable farmland.

Actual possible effect of the seas going stagnant is ignored(the Gulf Stream shutting down)

Studies indicate less bio-diversity when greater biodiversity generally result from slightly increased temperatures.

Data shows huge change in environment without any positive aspects; impossible.

Multiple reasons or excuses for Global Warming pause:
it didn't happen
it happened and was temporary
it was due to bad data input and requires further study

Consensus required; science should not need belief or voting; the earth's climate is not Peter Pan's Tinkerbell.
 Quoting: swamprat 77382664

No calibration for higher temps and CO2 leading to more plankton growth to consume the CO2 and produce oxygen thus balancing out the Earth's ecology and removing the added carbon dioxide.
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