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Message Subject Give me everything you got on why global warming is bullshit
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

8 And G2532 the fourth G5067 angel G32 poured out G1632 his G846 vial G5357 upon G1909 the sun G2246; and G2532 power was given G1325 unto him G846 to scorch G2739 men G444 with G1722 fire G4442.

9 And G2532 men G444 were scorched G2739 with great G3173 heat G2738, and G2532 blasphemed G987 the name G3686 of God G2316, which G3588 hath G2192 power G1849 over G1909 these G5025 plagues G4127: and G2532 they repented G3340 not G3756 to give G1325 him G846 glory G1391.

Rev. 16:8,9
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 Quoting: Zer0Phi

Ya, but it will be a sudden event
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