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Message Subject According to Biology and Anthropology we are all one human race. Most of you use the word incorrectly, and not even close to what it means.
Poster Handle PatB
Post Content
I will soon stop responding to the obvious ass clowns and trolls, but for those who read and are serious, I will be around and will gladly discuss. A simple google search, or even better a google scholar search, will give thousands of scientific data, papers, and published info agreeing with and proving this to all be true.
 Quoting: PatB

Calm down it's not like I'm saying that East Asians have the highest average IQ.

Or that all Indians shit in the streets and are some of the most racist people on earth.

Or that Hispanics have a low average IQ big titties and fat asses.

Or that Arabs are extremely violent and have the second lowest average IQ.

Or that that in some regions of Africa the average IQ is so low that most of the population is considered mentally retarded.

And I'm for damn sure not saying that white people are the most beautiful,world conquering,high IQ,supreme rulers of the world.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77301115

I agree with all of that.

 Quoting: PatB

I laughed my ass off while I was writing it.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77301115

LOL I bet you did, I quickly made it clear I was joking so others would not get confused lol. But even those that are saying that, even if they do think it is true, they are still not different races, they are different I agree, but are still one race at this point in history :)
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