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Message Subject Food for Thought: Freemasonry
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
none of them will speak to me, person-to-person, yet all of them are willing to go along with their members committing crimes against me. apparently, because i'm not a christian, i am not allowed to be a mason.

i mean, you tell me that this isn't how it is with the masons....but i've witnessed people wearing masonic gear, coinciding with a masonic convention, participate in harassment. i've witnessed people who never wear masonic gear, committing crimes against me, and those same people use masonic handshakes when they think i won't notice. i've witnessed people who use masonic language also engage in criminal activities.

i'm not meant to believe that masons commit purely selfish crimes, and technically i cannot prove it, yet the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

either some other group is mimicking for amusement, or the masons generally really are monsters.

i would love to accept that i have been wrong in accusing, but i am not permitted to perform a proper investigation, nor possess proper tools for investigation, nor hire some third party to conduct a proper investigation.

so what am i supposed to do? deny decades of overwhelming circumstantial evidence of my own eyes, because the evidence is, technically, circumstantial, or accept that i live in a town run by mason monsters?

the only realistic alternative i can accept is the idea that this wasn't masons, but a different occult group that mimicks the masons for some reason, and possibly cooperates with the masons.

either way, i'm surrounded by assholes.
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