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Message Subject Food for Thought: Freemasonry
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
oh yeah, and lately i've been thinking that i've heard this and that which leads me to believe that i'm "in jail", which seems to mean that i don't have permission to join until a certain amount of time (and punishment) has passed.

what am i guilty of? it's hilarious, apparently i ruined someone's life. a person who was constantly manipulating me (along with several others, all of who were masons but none were in communication with each other nor were any of them qualified in any sense to do what they were doing), spreading rumors about me being gay, spying on me, and taking advantage of his position as manager to make me work without pay on numerous occasions.

i didn't even do that thing. the story might go like this, i envied his wife and took advantage of them having a fight to get them to divorce. but that's not how it happened. he told me he was upset they weren't having sex, so he asked for a separation, then they decided to divorce. i was never involved, and never actually wanted them to divorce, she was someone i knew for years previous to their marriage and considered a friend. there was no manipulation on my part, but a massive amount of manipulation on his part.

and apparently this all adds up to me being unworthy until my 'sentence' is carried out. no trial, no habeous corpus, no semblance of justice whatsoever, just some frat-toddlers with too much juice for anyone's good, looking for someone to blame.

i'm not perfect, but the idea that a person deserves the things that i've experienced, and continue to experience, all at the hands of people who wear masonic clothes, talk masonic language, and shake masonic handshakes, is toddler-baby absurd.

somehow, the people involved are just monsters and refuse to admit their mistakes, and refuse to stop making the same mistakes, despite the damage they are causing to not only me, but others like me, who for no other reason than being disliked, are abused by people who laugh and smile while committing crimes they know they will never have to take responsibility for.
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