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Message Subject Who is the Dreamer of the Simulation?
Poster Handle DPS7
Post Content

We are his FRACTAL parts.
He is in the past dreamING HIS-Story.

Time is not linear.

When time is linear, he had already woken up to meet Eve and have failed relationship with her. He then gave birth to us, his descendants who are actually the fractal forms of him.
World history was already dreamt of when he was asleep back then.
But world history is taking place RIGHT NOW in his dream which he already dreamt.
The dream ends with the rectification of masculine and feminine Adam waking up to have a successful relationship with Eve.

Time is not linear.
 Quoting: DPS7

That's phantom. So we are all phantoms/ghost of him? What about eve? How far does his illusion/dream go? Does it affect the whole universe or just us humans?
 Quoting: Davey55

I don't know what a phantom is according to your understanding, but if it matches my description then so be it.

All humankind are fractal parts of Adam of the Garden.

The collective human psyche (which again is Adam's psyche) affects all the celestial bodies even the spiritual realms.
 Quoting: DPS7

Damn that's deep. Are we all fractual parts because the universe is just one BIG computer program? How flawed is the program? What is it's ultimate purpose? How will this all end? lol
 Quoting: Davey55

We are still able to live right? So not that flawed.
But still, a lot of debugging needs to be done.

The ultimate purpose?
Don't take it to be something selfish shallow and vain, it is not.
The purpose is to rectify the simulation, restore it to a paradise state and enjoy the pleasures thereof.
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