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Message Subject Who is the Dreamer of the Simulation?
Poster Handle DPS7
Post Content

We are still able to live right? So not that flawed.
But still, a lot of debugging needs to be done.

The ultimate purpose?
Don't take it to be something selfish shallow and vain, it is not.
The purpose is to rectify the simulation, restore it to a paradise state and enjoy the pleasures thereof.
 Quoting: DPS7

where do aliens, demons and ghost fit in all of this? What is their purpose?
 Quoting: Davey55

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
 Quoting: DPS7

I see. Then who is god's real prized creation? Us or them?
 Quoting: Davey55

As for ghosts.

A man's soul is not one unit, it is a composite of several parts.

Some parts go on to reincarnate or to purgatory.
Other parts are left to roam the world in a realm between worlds.
Such a condition is not what always happens, but sometimes a soul needs to go through such a thing.
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