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Message Subject H.R.420 - Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act ~ when's the house vote?!?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Freedom Leaf was taken over by Merida Capital Partners. David Goldberg from Goldman Sachs is now the board of directors chairman.

They brought in Jane Cavalier to lead the promotion and branding of the new acquisition of established Hemp2o CBD Beverage. She was one of the key people in building the Snapple brand.

They have been relatively quiet the last couple of months. I suspect there will be some investor relation news that will spike the stock a few times very soon.

I bought a crap load last Summer of micro-cap stock in companies like Freedom Leaf to see if any of them hit. Freedom leaf and Canbiola are two that could run in the next couple of years. Time will tell.
 Quoting: iSwear

thanks for the info! i have a bunch of frlf aswell. would be cool to see another pop like back in the fall.. and stay there!!!popcorn
 Quoting: bobobibi

That spike last Oct was from Merida Capital infusing cash into the company via stock purchase.

The stock has a $2 price target atm, be patient, things will happen very soon.
 Quoting: iSwear

awesome!! i have dozens of different little guys that im wanting to pop aswell!! been bidin my time trying to flip 1-10$ shares quick keeping a few as wins. i read about stocks' price targets in articles but don't see them on fidelity or marketwatch.. you know a good site to see them or am i overlooking something on my sites??
 Quoting: bobobibi

You can add the to your watch list on the MarketWatch app if you have it. If not, I’m guessing that you can still access it on the page by logging in there.
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