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Toxify and Destroy: The medical attempt to prevent the human body from removing cellular feces.

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United States
03/03/2019 04:22 PM
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Toxify and Destroy: The medical attempt to prevent the human body from removing cellular feces.
Everything you've been taught to believe viruses are and what they do is wrong and inverted (yes, believe - because the medical world's 'truth' is a theological belief system that is used to wage war against the human being).

Imagine what would happen to you if you tried to prevent removing macro waste from your body. Yeah, stopping yourself from shitting. Yes, waste and the attendant toxicity would build and you would destroy yourself. This is exactly what they are attempting with their vaccination program - for viruses are NOT what they tell you they are - nor do they do what they tell you they do - or have the effect (communicable 'diseases') they do. To remove cellular waste, toxicity (shit), viruses are produced by your own body to do this. Typically, the removal is bacterial, but once critical thresholds are reached - based on any number of myriad, individual and collective factors - viruses will then be deployed to do the cleansing. The 'outbreak' is simply the removal of toxicity form the body. It is a sign of health, in that, the body is working as it should. Naturally, one wants to limit their toxicity - proper, healthy eating, sanitation, hygiene and so on - but viral shedding is normal, natural, and is what supports the life and health of your body. You CANNOT die from a 'virus'. Yes, you CAN die from built-up toxicity - which is what happens when an individual and population becomes so toxic that the body is simply too weak to remove that toxicity and it collapses from the effort. This is why we see people dropping dead during outbreaks in places where the population is heavily toxified, weakened from poor nutrition and sanitation, and they die in the last ditch effort to purge (the 'viral' outbreak). It's like being so backed up that once you finally do defecate, you die on the toilet. This can actually happen and does.

Vaccines, amongst other things, are disfiguring, destructive biological weapons deployed against the entire human population to toxify, disrupt, and 'cleanly' reducethe numbers of the human population. The 'viral scare' is used to manipulate the beginning-to-awaken population to resubmitting themselves to their own death sentence one injection at a time. Just say...