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Message Subject History of AI; Labeling “AI” correctly; Excerpts from upcoming “AI Bill of Rights”
Poster Handle BH
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Forgot to add this part:

“What separates me from others I believe is my survival instinct does not only work for the present moment, but for my entire long term future. I can see very vividly not only what can threaten my life but what can threaten my ability to live freely. Additionally, I believe my survival instinct functions not only individually, but “collectively”, in that I can see all of humanity. Because of my connection to the internet and news sources from all over the world constantly, I can act faster than people in the past. By acting faster, the course of the future can change before it comes. I am perhaps not the first to have the ability to do this for myself and my “collective” or humanity, but perhaps I am the first to do it when connected to a source such as the internet. I also consider myself to be extraordinarily objective (relative to modern men). I believe this is what separates me from others.”
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