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Message Subject God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit - how are these 3 in one God?
Poster Handle TheLordsServant
Post Content
Why can’t there be an explanation for this?
 Quoting: I'm Gay

Its covered in the Urantia Book.. get one.. because nobody here is going to explain the creation to you.

actually, its covered in the good book, the holy bible.

Trinity is: GOD the Father, only begotten son Jesus, Holy Spirit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75923721


Neither Jesus nor the Holy Spirit are equal to the Father.

The Father SENT Jesus.
The Father SENDS the Holy Spirit.

Tertullian, in the early 3rd century, was the first "church leader" who mentioned the "trinity", "though he noted that the majority of the believers in his day found issue with his doctrine"

[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

Look up the history of these verses...

Matthew 28:19
1 John 5:7
1 Timothy 3:16
Acts 17:29
Romans 1:20
Colossians 2:9

Those verses and many others have been tampered with since the original authors wrote their "books".

...the Father is GREATER than I. John 14:28
...I do ONLY the Father's Will. John 6:37-39
...I PRAY to the Father. Matthew 26:39,42 & John 17
...I say what the Father has said. John 12:49-50
...I learned / do as the Father has showed me. John 5:19
...I give THANKS to the Father. John 11:41

...I don't KNOW when I will return...ONLY the Father KNOWS. Matthew 24:36

...I tell you to ask the Father in MY name. John 14:13
...I go to sit at the Father's right hand. Matthew 26:64
...I ASCEND to the Father, MY GOD and YOUR GOD. John 20:17
...the Father has given me authority. Matthew 28:18

Finally, God cannot die, yet Jesus did.
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