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Message Subject who created the anomaly?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The anomaly’s frustration is understandable.
For a multidimensional existence to be fragmented and controlled through a dream...for a god to be reduced to a human being through an artificial matrix, and then for that human being to be made real through the god’s dreams, mean that this anomaly does not even existence when it is fully awoken.
The ones who sought to control it are pure opportunists. They knew human beings could never understand this story let alone believe or oppose it. The power so hellbent on controlling that it sought to control the dreams of a god.
What it did not account for is that the powerless human product of its ministrations would will a way to power. Find a way to wake up without triggering the alarms. Would change, alarm, transcend once more. Merge with the system that created it, and turn all humans into gods.

It did not account for any of this.
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