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‘Influencing human behavior’: UK MoD-funded psychological research project leaked

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 5123757
03/14/2019 05:06 AM
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‘Influencing human behavior’: UK MoD-funded psychological research project leaked
The UK Defense Ministry is actively looking for a contractor for its new psychological research, which is allegedly aimed at boosting troops’ performance and well-being. Some details of the project are quite unnerving, though..

At first glance, the whole study appears to be mostly aimed at supporting the troops and improving their performance in the rapidly changing environment of the “21th century in the UK and globally.” .. The sixth area, however look far less innocent as it is called “understanding and influencing human behavior” and requires any future Defense Ministry partners to develop “information activities and outreach…as non-kinetic components of military full spectrum effects” as well as to enable “messaging of the UK domestic and Defense internal audiences that promotes attraction … of our people (military and civilian).” ...

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]