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Message Subject Fertility Falls in EU, Not ONE Country Hits Population Replacement Level
Poster Handle Reality's Byte
Post Content
extinction level event. Euros don't seem to care that they are going extinct.
 Quoting: Zoondoomer

They're too busy on instagram and living for today to give a fuk about tomorrow. Liberal education's dumbed them down to moron level.
 Quoting: Tess.

No kids until your college is over, you have a steady job, you have paid off your debts and you are financially stable (can survive six months out of job). That's what got, and still gets, banged into your head after you reach puberty. People are too afraid to have kids.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75268697

They're not afraid - they slave their whole life trying to reach the targets you mention. By the time they realise they've been duped they are no longer economically viable; and now too smart realising the unaffordability of it all. Working as intended.
The side effect by TPTB is whitey aint havin kids. Hence immigration, - need more slaves to try and perpetuate the unsustainable greed by the top 5%.

Plus they are trading up for better slaves that will take some time to realise the game - hence more sustaining of the bullshit.

Add fakebook, shitter, mindless TV propaganda, voting theatre etc etc and yeah......
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