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Message Subject The Sun is taking a hard hit of energy on Tuesday march 19
Poster Handle miabelieves
Post Content
You also realize....our chicken...grown in northamerica is shipping to china and processed and then shipped back right....

trade deals are everything right now especially with China...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 66923014

Complete bullshit. Total utter piles of shit.
Let me get this right - chickens - are grown in the USA and then what put in ships?
Alive still? Alive fragile chickens take an ocean voyage to China - get shipped to the ships, loaded on, loaded off - alive? Are they still alive for all this - are they fed on the ships? What about chicken shit. How long does the voyage take?

Oh wait are the chickens killed in the USA first? And packaged whole - and then trucked to ships, refrigerated the whole time - sail to china so -

The Chinese can cut them up with their special ginsu knives - ha ya karate chop chicken and then packaged again - frozen maybe? And put back on trucks - taken back to the ship to sail the ocean blue to America again to be put in trucks and hauled to all the Wal-marts - and you can buy this stuff for like a couple dollars a pound???

This is such total bullshit you have to have an 80 IQ to even think its at all logistically even possible. Seriously.
Chickens - sent to China - for processing - to be sent back - ????
Think real hard about this.
 Quoting: Starbird

wow, I'm in shock. This is known fact. It's been in the news. How can you not know this?
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