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Message Subject The Sun is taking a hard hit of energy on Tuesday march 19
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You'll see the changes after may 26th as it starts to really ramp up and gets worse and worse and worse...

many of you living in the east know something is wrong already with the weather....

Don't be the frog in the pot of water set to the stove waiting to be cooked alive....

Now is the time to act...NOW....and in 2020 save yourselves.

Canada needs to save itself from the Liberals in October and it looks to be going that way....

The isle's are divided now between globalism and control and the other way....

The other way is kinder and softer and gives us a chance at being and trying and making and creating our futures....

By being less corporate and more Mom and Pops....as it should be....people in control of their own destiny....Working together in their own backyards and communitees….

But they think...The Demons and Globalists that by and large most people are stupid and helpless and we are... but we allowed it.... but we can change and rise to the occasion.

Being less global dependent and more keeping it and making it in our own backyards.... so to speak....

The Globalist don't care about the people....Never have.

Their is no future going socialist globalist for humanity.
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