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Message Subject The Sun is taking a hard hit of energy on Tuesday march 19
Poster Handle NOLAangel
Post Content
So, I don not know where to post this question, so here it is.

I live on small acreage and have multiple red ant hills that I just leave alone but observe. Each year they start making their hills higher. Not this year. Hills are not higher, and the holes have changed from a single entry hole to multiple larger areas like silver dollar size with multiple holes in area.

What do you think?
 Quoting: eddy

Your post reminded me of a local story that I have heard for many years. I found the story and posted below:

Hurricane Audrey, June 27th, 1957

The most destructive hurricane to strike southwest Louisiana was Audrey. She formed in the southwest Gulf of Mexico and moved due north, becoming the strongest hurricane ever to form in June....
....One of the more curious aspects of the storm was the exodus of wildlife preceding it. On the evening before landfall, thousands of crawfish were seen fleeing the marshes around Cameron. A few enterprising locals decided to collect them and put them in their freezer, unaware of the significance of this event. Needless to say, these crawfish were never brought to a boil the following day, as planned.
[link to www.beauregarddailynews.net (secure)]

The wildlife know and can sense things way before we can. Possibly, they sense what is coming.
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