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Message Subject The Sun is taking a hard hit of energy on Tuesday march 19
Poster Handle NOLAangel
Post Content
I am working on researching the 1800's. Many things happened in that century that could give us a clue to what is coming except maybe worse this go round. Could it be possible, that our binary twin made a close approach back then?

The New Madrid went off 1811-1812 [link to www.usgs.gov (secure)]

The Year without a summer happened in 1816...this happened during a grand solar minimum which also correlates to higher than normal volcanic activity: "The dust from Mount Tambora, which had erupted in early April 1815, had shrouded the globe. And with sunlight blocked, 1816 did not have a normal summer". [link to www.thoughtco.com (secure)]

The Carrington Event happened on September 1, 1859 where telegraphs went down but also the skies were so crimson that it appeared the skies were on fire and the Northern Lights were seen as far south as Cuba.

Then the same sky event happened in 1872 like the Carrington 1859 event, except it was more extreme. It happened in February 1872 when Auroras were seen all the way down to Cuba again. [link to www.sciencedirect.com (secure)] If you research this event, there is reports on the internet where people thought the world was coming to an end.

Many explanations of what happened during that century is due to increased solar winds and grand solar minimum. I say something perturbed the sun like it is about to do again, but maybe this time it will be way worse.

I am just getting into researching this and what led me on this path was this video from The Real BPEarthWatch [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] but also I was watching the weather channel and they were talking about the 1872 event. Also, I have been feeling like the 1800's could offer a clue to what is coming...they even had that dust bowl event that was supposedly the fault of the farmers, but I am sure all in that century felt like the world was ending. Maybe the 1800's were a forewarning of what is to come.
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