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Message Subject The Sun is taking a hard hit of energy on Tuesday march 19
Poster Handle NOLAangel
Post Content
Thank you OP and NOLA for the work that you do.

Some oldies but goodies. Well worth the time. Probably close to what we are in for.

[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]
Little ice age big chill

[link to m.youtube.com (secure)]
Published on Jul 28, 2017
This program tells the story of the worst series of storms in Wyoming's history. But for all the tragedy and loss, suffering and death, there was hope and heroism, unselfish sacrifice and generosity. For more Blizzard stories, visit [link to wyomingpbs.org]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70070861

Everybody with livestock take head this winter and any of you that know farmers with cattle and horse and such wake them up...close to home and shelters and lots of bedding....OR LOOSE THEM BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO HEED THE WARNINGS.....I am dead serious....because they will all be dead if you don't take care this winter and go overboard protecting all your livestock at all costs....chickens...everything....all must be heavily sheltered for wind and rain and snow all xxxxtimes more and worse than any winter we can all remember...

Thanks for putting up the blizzard stories....History always repeats its self and cows were just buried in 4 feet of snow last winter and the winter before in weird freak storms already in various parts of the US....Remember that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78159088

The more I learn, the more I see that statement as true. We have only to look back in the past to see what type of events are coming.

The poor animals will suffer if people are not prepared. I don't have anyone in my nearby location with livestock but plenty of pet owners. Am doing my best to get the message out.
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