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Snowden controlled opposition and limited hangout

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United States
03/16/2019 05:16 AM
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Snowden controlled opposition and limited hangout
The nonsense Snowden supposedly leaked has been going on since at least the Nixon era and is not new.

Since then they have mastered the use of higher dimensions, and don't need to use mundane surveillance like cell phones and data collection. They are right next to you, all the time, on 'the other side', where there is a different kind of advanced technology, beyond quantum even. It is used for much more than surveillance. Think of them being all around you in a sphere that encompasses the material 3D world prior to it manifesting as spacetime and matter we know. They come and go between these dimensions at will. Unless you have special training or equipment you will never find out about this. It is what Snowden was sent to distract attention away from.