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Message Subject Capture this Rapture Before the Fracture
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Jesus is “THE PRINCE OF PEACE” but says he came to bring a division and “A SWORD” (Mat. 10:34-7, John 2 ;14-16, Luke 22:36). One of Jesus’ last instructions to his Apostles was to buy swords -(Buy swords- Luke 22:36-3).. Moses referred to God as “A MAN OF WAR” (Ex. 15:3). Jesus assaults merchants at the temple–(John 2:14-16, 2:26). and the Apostles kIll through prayer -(Acts 5:5, 5:10).
JESUS AND PETER USE VIOLENCE -(John 2:14-16, 18:1, 18:10, 18:26, Mat. 21:12, 26:5, 10:34-37, Luke 22:36, Acts 5:5, 5:10). APOSTLES USE PRAYER TO KILL: (Acts 5:5, 5:10).
Jesus was likely executed for his ASSAULT AT THE TEMPLE John 2:14-16, 2:26).
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