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Anonymous Coward
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03/17/2019 02:43 PM
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During a lunch conversation, word was given concerning the cause of disease.

The Master said:

"When food remains for a long time in the stomach without being digested, toxic substances are formed - toxins which are distributed throughout the whole organism and poison the blood. The same happens with the heart. If unattainable desires accumulate in it, they cannot be assimilated and create astral toxins. The same happens when one keeps thoughts in oneself which cannot be brought to realization. These remain for a long time in the brain and form mental toxins. The presence of toxins in the body is the primary reason that microbes, the carriers of different diseases, develop.

"The law is as follows: a good life makes the blood pure. As soon as a man introduces an impure thought into his mind or an impure feeling into his heart, the purity of his blood is lost. The impure thoughts and feelings create the diseases. Disquietude paralyzes the brain, the heart and the body.

"Some diseases are due to mental disturbance; others - to emotional disturbance. When the disquietude is of an emotional character it affects the liver, the blood vessels, the heart, etc. Any of these disturbances is due to the lack of Love.

"If someone sinks into jealousy, uncertainty, anger or any other negative condition, he must find methods for its transformation; otherwise he will become ill. One must be able to balance any negative feeling or thought with a positive one. This will neutralize and transform them.

"Every indiscretion of the spirit afflicts the health. The disciple must be aware of the origin of his disease - whether it has a physical, spiritual or mental character.

"When people lose their Love, they can become ill with tuberculosis. The reason for all disease, handicaps and afflictions in life is spiritual. If you wish to be healthy, maintain positive thoughts in your mind and good feelings in your heart.

"The reasons for many diseases are hidden within the subconscious. These are the remnants of your past with which you must deal.

"Weeping does not cause the eyes to become weakened, but immense sorrow does. Someone loses his health, someone else - a son or a daughter, and they cannot get over the loss. Too frequent repetition of the thought about the loss gradually weakens the eyesight. Tightness in the chest is due to disharmony in the feelings. A feeling of heaviness in the stomach is due to disharmony in one's actions.

"There exist diseases whose origin is lack of Love; other diseases are due to negligence and not keeping elementary rules of hygiene. Some diseases are caused because of a person's dislike for the truth and his serving of falsehood; still others are due to different kinds of anxiety.

"When the vibrations of the organism are lowered, man becomes susceptible to different illnesses. In such cases, the slightest reason can cause disease. There is a rule which says: in order for the organism to be able to deal with disease, its vibrations must be raised.

"Remember: every disease is the result of a committed transgression, either in the past or in the present. At the present time, it is noticeable that instead of the number of diseases diminishing, it is multiplying. This will continue until people come to realize that they must search for the causes of these diseases and eliminate them.

"One acquaintance related to me the following experience, 'For ten years, I was angry with my father and mother. During that time I had a boil on my neck which bothered me for a long time. It had barely healed when another came out, and thus I was tortured with these boils for ten years. As soon as I reconciled with my parents, I was free from the boils.' In this case, the energy of hatred had accumulated in the virulent matter of the boils and was disposed of in this way.

"Rheumatoid arthritis, for example, besides having purely physical causes also has psychic ones. These causes are rooted in the thoughts, the feelings and the will. Every bad thought, bad feeling and deed in life manifests in the form of rheumatoid arthritis, boils and other diseases as well. Beware of fear, hatred, worry, envy, jealousy and other negative states which build toxins and residues in the organism.

"A disease can even manifest when a person has not reconciled with someone who has passed away. An ailing priest came to me once. He was very frightened. He told me that a relative of his had passed away with whom he had not been on friendly terms. 'This disease has been caused by this relative of yours,' I said. He confided that he had beaten his mother and she died. I advised him to make peace with his mother, and then he would be healed. 'How can I make peace with my mother?' he asked. I told him, 'You must confess to God and to your mother that you have not acted well.'

"Through disease, Nature gives man certain lessons. People who are cruel and rude become pleasant after having been ill. Disease makes people tender, mild. After each disease, comes a small improvement in man's character."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)