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Message Subject How do I watch this flagged / censored video at YT? False Flag NZ, Podesta etc
Poster Handle Sacred Geometry
Post Content
I found it. Listen from 5 min, then
at 7 min she goes into The Law battle.

~~~ at 15:15 min she mention the attack on her channel and attacks on the 1st amendment.

#BLACKBLOCK: Macron Wines in Swiss Alps as Paris Burns #VaticanIlluminati

You Are Free TV
18 mars 2019

3/18: This past weekend, Macron dined in the Alps while the 19th Act in France saw a masked violent faction claiming to be YV burn buildings and destroy property, issuing in the banning of YV protests in areas of Paris.

Meanwhile, YT censors creators after the Down Under sh__ting and we see the globalists attempt destroy 1st and 2nd Am_ndment rights worldwide.

[link to youtu.be (secure)]

She's great at summarizing what goes on, perfect to listen to.
I think her name is Julie.

I like that it's no music, no intro or outro, cuz I often listen when falling asleep and do "play next" playlists.

Another video channel had an alarm sound, I thought I had to flee, waking up. (Stockholm had a false danger / air assault alarm, it was false ... that made me alerted in general, considering what goes on in Sweden... ((a coup in slowmotion)) so til the alert is hot / authentic, I prefer calmer intel videos like this...)

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