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Message Subject Are the same ones who wiped out Mars and blew up the planet next to Jupiter, reincarnated on Earth as Trump, Bolton, Netanyahu, etc?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All these warmongers currently in power, in America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, always plotting endless invasions, threatening armageddon-type wars against everybody, relying on ancient "prophecies" and religious fairy tales to justify their dementia, blood-lust, reptilian genes and whatnot, somehow managed to destroy TWO PLANETS in this solar system in the past and sneak their way to Earth afterwards.

Now they are doing everything in their power to destroy this planet as well.
 Quoting: The usual suspects 76599441

Of all the dumbest things said, this maybe the dumbest. What endless invasions has Trump started?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71737128

He's too fucking stupid to start anything, he's not able to lure North Korea into a war, he's not able to pull a successful coup in Venezuela, he's not able of taking down Assad, perhaps that's a lucky plus for all mankind.

Unfortunately I can't tell the same about Yemenites, because their annihilation was the only thing he managed to accomplish, deathwise.

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