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God bless America

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03/24/2019 08:54 AM
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God bless America
America - freedom of religion. Believe and practice what you want as long as you do not break the law.
Germany - "I don't want people here who deviate from the mainstream - and religion is old-fashioned anyway, so we don't need religious freedom either"

America - Right to own weapons - right to self-defence
Germany - "Weapons are far too dangerous and self-defence is self-justice"

They say they're pro-Western, but they despise Western values. They are conservative, but they think like communists.

Would you vote for such confused politicians in the election? And the bad thing is that almost everyone here thinks so.
the journey of the Son of God:
Lucifer -> Satan -> YHWH -> Jesus Christ -> Lucifer -> end of dualism
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