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Message Subject Did anybody else not get their bar of gold in the mail this month?
Poster Handle Louis in Richmond
Post Content

No gold here but a check for $200 from Anthem Healthcare to see a doctor last month.

I want to have my throat checked by a fibre-optic endoscope for a personal concern next month; they will pay me $200 to see an ENT for the procedure. An unimaginable disparity exists in our healthcare today and for not one second do I believe an illegal needs even given an aspirin.

They are not us, we are not their keepers. The money supporting them would make this payout possible for all Americans if only the money was not wasted on the detritus of other nations that invade us.
 Quoting: Louis in Richmond

yeah the government pays me to go to the doctor also.

and I am so glad they paid off my student loans.
 Quoting: Jake

They never saddled me with those, they made no sense then and even less sense know Jake. Scholarships to MIT and US Naval academy admission.
 Quoting: Louis in Richmond

Nice... But why all the hard work?? You are white.

Didn't they just hand it to you??
 Quoting: Jake

My history is frightening, but in a way yes. Not white privilege, just hard work and a mind that can't stop finding answers; it is not racially based. 120+ hours per week in study and school got me that.

I need to bail as the alcohol is taking effect.
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