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Nicolás Maduro Tightens Grip on Venezuela's Media

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03/28/2019 08:54 AM
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Nicolás Maduro Tightens Grip on Venezuela's Media
In the eyes of Venezuela’s authorities, journalist Dereck Blanco committed a serious offence last month. During a live television broadcast, he referred to opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s “acting president”.

For state media regulator Conatel, which recognises President Nicolás Maduro as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, this was too much. It sent a complaint to Blanco’s employer Globovisión threatening to punish it.

Globovisión, a privately owned channel, suggested Blanco take a holiday. He did, and then quit.

“I didn’t make a premeditated decision to call Guaidó acting president. In fact, I’d done it before,” Blanco said. “But this time one of my social media followers posted it and it went viral. That’s what seems to have angered Conatel.”

Blanco’s case says much about the state of press freedom in Venezuela. US-based think tank Freedom House says that in Latin America, only Cuba has a worse record.

Journalists are being arrested, intimidated, censored by their own media, physically and verbally attacked and threatened with legal action. Some have had their equipment confiscated and their recordings destroyed.

Espacio Público, a local media watchdog, said things had worsened since Guaidó launched his challenge to Maduro in January, and declared himself interim president. It said the state had embarked on “a new phase of repression against people who express their criticism or dissent”.

[link to www.irishtimes.com (secure)]
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03/30/2019 09:25 AM
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Re: Nicolás Maduro Tightens Grip on Venezuela's Media
It would be GREAT if that happened to the media here (U.S.) all Venezuela did was bust them for "trumping" someone else.