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Has anybody seen David Sereda's latest film UFO "From Here To Andromeda" yet?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/14/2007 11:45 PM
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Re: Has anybody seen David Sereda's latest film UFO "From Here To Andromeda" yet?
hell i just pulled them all, fock it, i pulled the due to the asshole mods here who, as i said get off by banning me
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Sorry about that, seems like to me you were only trying to do some good, God Bless & Gos Speed to you.
Anonymous Coward
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12/28/2007 02:00 AM
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Re: Has anybody seen David Sereda's latest film UFO "From Here To Andromeda" yet?
From Here To Andromeda [2007]
Posted by FV in DVD Reviews
With such prolific speakers and a well founded message being pushed, the production must have been a struggle and the team involved must have encountered some strong criticism whilst on their journey of bringing this excellent title to our screens.

David Sereda’s angle in this film is a good one. The DVD, which is a 2-disc set, totaling 4 hours in length has some stunning visuals, which include highly professional 3D rendering. These animations aide in making the DVD a pleasure to watch, not forgetting the core material, of course.

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During the movie the viewer is treated to some excellent interviews with people like Robert Thurman, Roger Weir, John Hutchison, Boyd Bushman, Dean Haglund (from X-Files fame) and Rob Simone among others. Appearances by the legendary Stephen Bassett, Jesse Marcel III and Dr. Roger Leir will also be very welcomed by the viewer.

The film itself starts off on a rather unorthodox route, mainly sharing the tale of Sereda, his fiancé (Crystal Elina Frost) and their cute little dog (Nuala) as they go on a journey to find answers to some age old, very pertinent questions. It’s a tale of spirituality, theology, science and wisdom. The mix of subject matter is diverse and highly compelling.

While David Sereda doesn’t claim to be an actor, we get the feeling that the tongue in cheek start to the DVD is more aimed at explaining the pressing message that the overall production is trying to encompass. Acting skills aside, Sereda knows what he’s talking about and with the excellent pre and post production work that’s been done on this DVD, you will be taken on a self journey of education and intrigue.

The baseline message of the first hour from the film is that of finding a technology or technologies that will couple the understanding of faster-than-light speed travel with sustainability for the human race, on Earth.

The first segment goes on to talk about meditation and awareness of the self, whilst being mingled with excerpts from interviews with such people as Terry Tamminen, Secretary of California’s Environmental Protection Agency, Professor David Phillips, a psychology teacher at Santa Monica College (and one of the founding members of the Santa Monica Green Team), Robert Thurman, the Je Tsong Khapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University (Time Magazine once chose him as one of the 25 most influential Americans alive), and Jesse Marcel Jr. III, grandson to the famous Jesse Marcel Sr. (of Roswell fame).

There are several references to the Roswell incident and mentions about the levels of secrecy that the whole technology-recovery melting pot has been accustomed to over the years.

Throughout the first segment of this mini-series and indeed the whole film, the physics that Sereda talks about have definite depth and scientific standing. Let’s take the Graviton for example. (Which is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravity.) Sereda speaks of the science behind this theory which makes a whole lot of sense if you step back, learn the facts, and listen to what he has got to say.

The core second hour of the film seems to focus on the subject of UFOs, moreover on anti-gravidics. Of course, this is due to the bond that these unidentified craft, which are spotted all around the globe, have with an apparent form of anti-gravity technology.

During this part of the series, the ‘Sereda Family’ continue on their voyage of discovery. They visit Mount Shasta whilst tackling various theories and viewpoints. They also meet with various experiencers, Hinton Harrison being a very significant part of that. They question such things as; what will happen to 6.5 billion souls if Mother Earth is destroyed, higher consciousness and personal anti-gravity craft. All relevant questions that are rarely raised by the mainstream and are more than worthy of discussion.

Various interviews are also presented which backup the claims from the hundreds and thousands of UFO spotting humans worldwide. Brooklyn born actor Tony Tarantino (father of acclaimed director/actor Quentin) and chief senior scientist Boyd Bushman of Lockheed Martin offer their opinions and stories publicly for the first time in history. Jeff Willes is also interviewed with some of his outstanding UFO footage, which he has caught and filmed on numerous occasions. We have to say that his videos show some of the most remarkable taped footage that we have seen, EVER.

Segment three of this compelling mini-series starts out explaining the theory about the 7 major functions of Wave Particle Duality: (1) ‘Wave Particle Duality’ (the relationship between waves and particles). (2) Duality of a Particle (a breakdown of the atomic/proton construct), (3) Spin Velocity (the speed in which the electron rotates the proton), (4) Frequency (how frequently particles rotate the proton), (5) Diameter or Wavelength (the diameter of the particle orbit around the proton), (6) Amplitude (how many particle waves are in the same set of functions) and (7) Propagation (movement of particles within the atom). These are broken down into a brief layman’s lesson, with the focus being on understanding inertia.

Boyd Bushman picks up and briefly touches Binomial Expansion: ( (1 + x)² = 1 + 2x + x². ) He shares his thoughts and findings with the viewer in a very interesting excerpt from his interview.

The film moves on and the viewer is again treated with more of Jeff Willes’ amazing UFO footage. At this point Sereda theorizes about Ultraviolet and X-rays being one reason that some UFOs appear to morph in and out of translucency.

We are given more about Pythagorus by Professor Robert Weir of the Shared Presence Foundation (he has also taught at University level since 1965) throughout this segment and a rare appearance and insight by Trevor James Constable. Constable goes on to tell us about the Nansei-shoto (invisible UFO case) WW2 incident and shares his knowledge on this amazing documented encounter. We are shown some of Constable’s photographs from way back in the 50’s and 60’s, which look spookily similar to the UFOs recorded on the NASA STS-75 mission back in March of 1996.

Appearances by Dr. Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. (ThePhoenixLights.net), and Terri Donovan Mansfield (Executive Director, Arizona Department of Peace) fuel the story of the ‘Phoenix Lights’ and the absolutely earth-shaking and highly documented events that occurred on March 13th of 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona. These interviewees give some excellent first-hand witness testimony which should not be taken lightly.

There is also a brief appearance from Mike Luckman, author of Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll ET Connection (a great book by the way, available on Amazon) and also a celebrity appearance by musician Joseph “Satch” Satriani (famed U.S. guitarist).

The final part of this mini-series 4 part production opens with a quick glimpse at the recent O’Hare International Airport incident from the 7th of November 2006 in Chicago. During the same segment, Jesse Marcel Jr. III is brought into the picture again and offers his views on UFOs, Roswell and his grandfather’s controversial findings.

Also included in this final part is a graphic artist based out of California, by the name of Don Johnson. He recalls a story from when he was a student working in a design firm as a draughtsman. We won’t give away the details in this review, however amazing, but it is a very interesting tale, to say the least.

We get more from Professor David Phillips next, and an interesting sighting of a UFO being apprehended by military helicopters. When we talk about witness accounts, they don’t come much more credible than this.

The next scenes in the film are of a ‘Roundtable’ gathering with a handful of the best minds in ufology. These figures include Stephen Bassett (PRG) Preston Dennett (author of UFOs Over California), Rob Simone (author, radio & TV host), Dean Haglund (X-Files & Lone Gunmen actor), Jason Martell (Xfacts.com), Jordan Maxwell (religious philosopher), Dr. Roger Leir (Alienscalpel.com) and of course Mr. David Sereda. They discuss various theories connected with ET visitation and Sereda presents a very valid argument into the equation, being that perhaps these ETs from outside our world are just waiting on the sidelines patiently for us to destroy each other, together with all life on this planet, so that they can casually ‘move-in’ and inhabit Earth. It gives you pause for thought, as that’s certainly not a far out idea.

Now we get to the most controversial part of the DVD and we won’t go too far into any detail as we believe that the viewer should make up their own minds when they are presented with the facts. Nonetheless, if what Mr. Sereda speaks of, (which in a nutshell is that the Space-shuttle Columbia was indeed shot down by some form of plasma/laser weapon) is true, then we are looking at a Pandora’s box full of things that you wish you didn’t know. Whether it was a space-based human project or an extraterrestrial faction run-a-muck, it certainly is a scary thought to imagine either scenario, and the sooner the public get the bigger picture, quite frankly, the better. NASA’s stand on this is that the Shuttle was brought down by Mega Lightening…but when you look at the facts presented on this DVD it rules out that bogus theory, in our opinion at least.

Continuing on from the UFO-related subject, Boyd Bushman goes on to tell us about a pilot that he knows of that could have been the actual person who shot down the Roswell craft back on that fateful day in 1947. Remarkable? Yes. Unbelievable? No. Sereda continues by mentioning the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) released documents detailing that mankind’s only defense against the atomic bomb back in the early 1940’s, was Nikola Tesla’s ‘Deathray’. This ‘Deathray’ could have been scaled down, and for all we know implemented onto various types of specialized aircraft. Whatever the answer, it certainly is an interesting development in the world of ufology.

The excellent music used throughout this production is mainly that by Michael Lee Hill, co-producer and musician. More of Mr. Hill’s music can be found here. And you can purchase the soundtrack to the DVD here. There are also some samples of his music in MP3 format on the film’s website.

Overall, we found this docu-mini-series profound. The message that it brings is that of awareness and scrutiny to the looming energy and global warming crisis presently at hand. The research has been in depth and David Sereda presents the data in a uniform and professional manner. We would be surprised if From Here To Andromeda did not receive some heavy exposure due in part to the importance of the statements being made and as a discussion point for many of the questions brought forward by many of the flavored speakers.

There are parts of this title that we have not included in this review, we must stress that just because you are not reading about them here, it does not mean that the message they bring is any less than the rest of the production. Everything found on this DVD, from cover to cover is of the utmost importance if we as humans are to lead a sustainable and peaceful future.

While we don’t recommend that you evacuate Earth just yet, we do recommend that you get yourself a copy of this DVD. After having the pleasure to see this myself, I can now at least say that I understand more fully, some of the problems that the human race may face in the coming decade and in the future as a whole.

Runtime: 240 minutes (4 episodes, 2 DVDs)
Aspect Ratio: 720×404 HD
FV’s verdict: Sheer poetry, Mr. Sereda et all. 9/10

(6 votes, average: 9.83 out of 10)