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Message Subject JUST IN: Trump has flipped on closing the border with Mexico
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I absolutely can't stand when people get all worked up over things they don't grasp.

He didn't back down, he simply put fire under the Mexican president to stop allowing these illegals to freely flow through Mexico.

If President Trump does anything drastic, the fake news pushes this nonsense that he's trying to become king of America or something.

The problem is, if the fake msm gets the leftist insane base worked up enough, they will march, unlike the majority on the right.

So they go out and start a civil war in all their self-righteousness, thinking that they are "saving," the nation.

Once they go out of control, the patriots will have no choice but to fight back and thus, we have a civil war. It won't last long mind you, because the left are a bunch of ignoramuses.

Then it will be our responsibility to drain the swamp, and arrest those who are attempting to destroy our nation.

I think we should have done that a long time ago to be honest.

The President is doing what he can to keep the peace while he is fighting against the globalists.

So relax and watch and see what happens.
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