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I never expected Tolkien to tell the truth.

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04/03/2019 02:48 PM
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I never expected Tolkien to tell the truth.
Tolkien has let Numenor (America) sink before Lord of the Rings. And then Middle-earth (Europe) was threatened by Mordor (Eastern Europe). Aragorn (part of the crown of Aragon is now called Catalonia) defeated Mordor. And today they are active again, they want to become supposedly independent from Spain, but I don't think so. Their former regional president is married to a woman from Romania and now has the seat of his government in exile in Waterloo - near Brussels.

In his latest video, our crazy friend Lucian warns of a Romanian lawyer, allegedly against corruption, who wants to become European Advocate General. Romania is obstructing her legally and says she herself is corrupt. Lucian says she is part of the Romanian system and the scandal was only staged so that she could gain power in the EU.

There is also a statistic from Germany that more Romanians than Muslims have immigrated to Germany.

So we have no problem with Islamisation. We have a problem with gypsification.

And the American President Trump was married to a woman from Eastern Europe, and now he is married again. Apparently the women there cook very well, although they are not very respected. That is something I, as a German, cannot understand. Why should I cook well for a man who does not respect me?
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