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Message Subject HPV Vaccine Knocking Out Cervical Disease
Poster Handle Reality420
Post Content
Readers will note that all of the responses to my OP have been fact-free anti-vaccine opinion and bare assertions.
It all amounts to the anti-vaccine version of stamping their feet and calling me a "Big Poopyhead!!!!!!11!!!"
In many respects the anti-vaccine loons resemble the flat earth wackos which is understandable considering their common anti-science position.
Get your children vaccinated and yourself as well if you qualify.
That way in 30 years when you are in a nursing home your middle aged daughter won't come to you to tell you she is dying of cervical cancer and thanks for not having her vaccinated.
Do not get your science/medical information from anonymous conspiracy loons on teh internet. These people cannot pass a 4rth grade science and math exam so why in the world would you trust the health of your children to their insane rantings?
Get your science/medical advice from your physician and recognised experts in the field.

Have fun and stay safe.

 Quoting: Reality420

"Get your science/medical advice from your physician and recognised experts in the field."

Even experts can get it wrong.

Thread: Vaccine maladministration. Parents DYODD
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76463126

No kidding.
Doctors and nurses make mistakes and it is wise to know which vaccine is scheduled and its administration route.
It is also wise to know which leg they need to amputate to save your life so they don't take the other...
All this does not impugn the procedures of vaccination or surgery... it impugns the competence of the practitioners.
The value of vaccines and surgery are unchanged by the idiotic mistakes made by the providers.
That is the point you were trying to make, wasn't it, AC76463126?

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