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Message Subject HPV Vaccine Knocking Out Cervical Disease
Poster Handle Reality420
Post Content
Sheri Plugnickle is a kook and her vaxxter site is a crackpot kooksite.
Get your medical info from credible sources not some grifting drooling moran.

 Quoting: Reality420

I see you disregarding people's comments for lack of evidence and then when evidence is provided to you you disregard it as fake without providing evidence to back up your claims.

That hypocrisy in itself discredits you completely.

You may as well stop posting, you have zero credibility after that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77353675

What "evidence is provided to" me, AC77353675?
I've seen none, just bare assertions and citations to sites that say the opposite to what the anti-vaccinationist thinks they say.
The squalene citation was to an article that explained what it was and in no way said it was dangerous. That part came from the ignorant paranoid delusions of the person who provided the cite.
LittleMiss's cite said the exact opposite of what she was contending and when challenged to point out where it backed her she resorted to a seried of fact-free attack posts but never provided a cite that backed her statements...
As I predicted.
If you think you have any evidence that contradicts the OP please provide the high quality citations. Your uneducated opinion is worthless in science.

 Quoting: Reality420

I believe another poster commented about the Corvelva studies which are currently under attack from all mainstream sources.

I'm sure you will cite some pro-pharma propaganda website in an attempt to discredit it. The fact of the matter is, anything I provide to you you will call fake and then you will throw some overused mainstream articles from very compromised bureaucratic sources.

Maybe a good source for you to look at is the vaccine inserts themselves that come directly from the manufacturer. You will have to ask your doctor to obtain them, they don't have them on hand (weird). In them they state possible complications, what vaccines cannot be taken with other vaccines (somehow this is overlooked as the government schedules state otherwise) what age is suggested (again, the government schedule has determined otherwise) and how not following the inserts recommendations can cause complications; and then we don't.

You can also look towards the American Vaccine Court which has paid out over 4 billion dollars (at taxpayers expense) towards vaccine injury. That means that millions of people have won their cases, proving that in an outstandingly large amount of cases, vaccines have caused horrible injury. Roundup only needed 2 losses before people started pulling it off their shelves (see Costco dumps Roundup after Bayer loses 2nd court case). How many people's lives have been saved from vaccines compared to injured? We will never know because they wont test them with a double blind placebo controlled study! Even if the control group is volunteered.

The sheer concept that the pharmaceutical industry has lobbied the government and made it so they are not liable for injury caused by their untested products (vaccines are not magic, they are simply products) just shows guilt. For the most part, they are manufactured in China, the same country with near zero regulation who brought you led paint on your children's toys. Yum, shoot up.

The fact that you defending the HPV vaccine is laughable. It is by far the worst one on the market today with countless recorded injuries in young girls.

Anyways, I'm sure the state funded British Medical Journal study is completely accurate with zero data dumping to form a narrative (lol). Since you will most certainly call the Corvela study fake, I will call your BMJ study greasy. I will need some more time to thoroughly dig into the research paper you provided and find it's holes which I most certainly will as I always do in these studies that show the "miracles" of vaccines. I'm sure you can appreciate my need for that.

I didn't need to provide you with any links. I provided you with logic that any reasonable person could understand. You will argue against it, however, you will just make a fool out of yourself because what I have stated cannot be defended.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77353675

Are you functionally illiterate?

Already addressed the frauds Antonietta Gatti and her husband and their electron microscope.
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
What part of "no controls" and "no blanks" did you not understand?
That "research" would garner them a big fat F- at university in their freshman year.
It is a joke which is why you are defending it... because faux "research" is all the anti-vaccine loons have.

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