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Standard-Capacity Magazines are Flooding California Following Landmark Ruling Striking Down Ban

Where Eagles Dare

User ID: 73836248
United States
04/05/2019 06:50 AM

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Standard-Capacity Magazines are Flooding California Following Landmark Ruling Striking Down Ban
Call them mags, clips, clippazines or extendos, magazines are flooding into California following a monumental court ruling on Friday. In the ruling, Duncan v Becerra, Judge Roger T. Benitez struck down the entire California penal code section 32310, the state’s magazine ban.

The extremely long and detailed ruling spans 86 pages, arguing against every facet of the penal code. It declared that the laws regarding California’s 10-round magazine capacity limit – and the criminal penalties for violations – are arbitrary, capricious and ironic. And it tosses them all out.

Over the weekend vendors across the country called their attorneys to confirm what they heard was true – standard-capacity magazines are once again legal in California. Now standard-capacity magazines are headed to the Golden state in numbers impossible to count.

Many Californians are rushing to buy magazines under the impression that the ruling will be appealed and overturned. However, it might not be a simple task for anti-gunners to just slap this ruling down.

Judge Benitez makes thorough arguments against California’s magazine capacity limit and magazine ban in very clear legal terms. He goes on to argue against the penal code not just from a Second Amendment perspective, but from a procedural perspective starting with the Heller test and moving on to Turner and ultimately the Takings Clause.

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