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Message Subject Joe Biden, unbelievable
Poster Handle CSnow
Post Content
but dennis hastert never diddled any kids did he

and the bush and reagan admins were never caught up in a white house call boy escort scandal

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75227570

You're playing the lame game of moral equivalency between the leftwing and rightwing.

Sure, non-liberals/conservatives will be shit and freaks like Hastert. Most guys, after all, whether liberal or conservative, have a dick between their legs and sometimes their dick is where their brain is.

But since idiotic liberals already say "anything goes" and believe setting boundaries is old-fashioned, boring and prudish, guys with dicks for brains are really going to run wild. That's why most of the bullshit you see in society involves people of the sociopolitical left, not the sociopolitical right.

That includes sleazy liberals like Stormy Daniels or Christine Ford. Women who'll cheer on a groper/rapist like a Bill Clinton and kiss his enabling wife Hillary, while becoming resentful of a Trump or Cavanaugh.

Another day, another dollar at Libtards R Us.

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