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Spain to pay €1 million for solar project in the Chernobyl exclusion zone


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04/08/2019 07:47 AM

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Spain to pay €1 million for solar project in the Chernobyl exclusion zone
Spain will spend money from its state budget for the construction of a solar power plant in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster area, RIA reported citing the country’s ecology ministry. It will be the second such facility in the area.

Ukraine, where the infamous exclusion zone is located, and Spain recently agreed that Madrid would finance the project under the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions, according to ecology official Angel Sanchez as cited by RIA Novosti.

Spain will invest more than €1 million in the construction of the facility, according to Sanchez. Specialists are currently developing the project and it is not clear when construction will begin.

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

The Urkaine, unlike Spain, isn't really known for it's vast amount of sunshine. You would think they would invest in their own country.
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