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Message Subject How to survive being homeless ??? Any advice?
Poster Handle CatWhisperer
Post Content
Not sure what city you are in, but most larger cities have places to help. 211 is United Way and they can get you numbers. Salvation Army has places even in smaller cities. They do have rules though. I was homeless in downtown Atlanta. Slept outside in a church parking lot across from the Capitol building there.. had places that gave out food every day. Spent most of my time just wondering around downtown and at the library. Was able to obtain a Starbucks coffee cup and obtained endless refills at west end mall and just worked crossword puzzles all day. There was a clothing closet we went to every other day and were allowed to shower and pick out 2 outfits...dressed in designer clothes for a whole month..there were dangers though, but the homeless tended to band together..especially on 9/11...we were all scared s***less we were going to be rounded up..scary times..that was during a time in my life when I didn't give a s*** though..somewhere along the line I grew up. Also some cities may still have a program called Traveller's Aid, if you are new to the area they will help with a hotel room, transportation, and job seeking...at least places had it 18 years ago..not sure about now. Good luck and God bless :)
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