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Message Subject SUPER EASY Japanese technique will NOTICIBLY start dropping your anxiety/depression/nervous level in LESS THAN 60 seconds. Give it a test
Poster Handle davidnv
Post Content
It’s a great exercise for clearing the mind, but ultimately it’s a bunch of magic tricks. The purpose of the fingers and movement is to keep your mind attached to that, rather than drifting away. Keeping your mind attached to something simple allows your brain to wind down. Then the process of loosening your jaw will naturally help you yawn with the combination of relaxed mind.

It works, but in the end the goal is to just clear the mind.

I personally have been training myself to legit block my brain, total nothingness, while also deep soothing breaths.

I deal with an overly active brain to the point I’m in near constant anxiety and sleep is a prize, and these techniques definitely do help, you just need to get to the level in which you can truly numb your mind. It’s not easy for all of us unfortunately.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77414571

Thanks for your comments.

For sleep, I recommend doing this Jin Shin Jyutsu do-it-yourself exercise (original post). I know that sleep can be tricky though, especially for people with active minds.

One other thing that sometimes works for me on those nights when it's hard to fall asleep is CBD/hash oil.
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