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Message Subject SUPER EASY Japanese technique will NOTICIBLY start dropping your anxiety/depression/nervous level in LESS THAN 60 seconds. Give it a test
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Add 200 more steps and accompanying philosophy and start your own religion.

Or trust in God, seek him, and he will give you rest for your soul.

On a side note, Jesus taught me how to reduce all tension in my body by doing shoulder scan and when I find tension just drop my shoulders. That has been the one that worked for me to relieve all tension in my body. I still practice it after 5 years, the world is stressful.
 Quoting: Jesus is also the Father God

Nutjob detected...
You loons are the reason why sane Christians avoid organized churches these days.The crazies tend to congregate there and reinforce each others delusions.

Remember only YOU guys have the right interpretation of scripture.Everyone else is wrong and decieved by satan amirite?

Oh and anything you can't understand is caused by demons correct?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77559873

Well then the feeling is mutual.
Because I don't understand religious nutjobs that think people should use only prayer and scripture reading to treat their physical/mental maladies when there is other help available as well.

Go live in the middle ages if you love it so much.
Next time you or someone you love is deathly ill just bleed them,and pray over them.
Not doctors or antibiotics needed right nutjob?

I don't understand you.
 Quoting: ac 77584312
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