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Message Subject SUPER EASY Japanese technique will NOTICIBLY start dropping your anxiety/depression/nervous level in LESS THAN 60 seconds. Give it a test
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The following is much easier and works faster and never needs to be repeated.

Just stop GIVING a fuck!!

LAUGH at all the DOOM and all the SHIT..and thank GOD and MEAN it that your miserable life here with its pointless routine will not last forever.

Accept the fact that NO ONE GIVES A FUCK about you..they never really have..and they never really will..and when you die..you go through the door the same way you came in..naked..cold..and utterly ALONE!!!

Thats LIFE..get the fuck OVER it..and be greatful that you will soon die and not have to not try to give a fuck anymore.

Live each second as though it was your last...and when some stupid cunt gives you the flip in traffic...take satisfaction that soon he will be rotting happily in a hole with some landfill somewhere. Look at those who piss you off as DOOMED...just walking peices of meat and bone looking for somwhere to lie down and ROT...because my friend..thats exactly what YOU are..just some fly attractant looking for a good place to set up shop and feed some maggots.

So..cheer up..enjoy what miserable pointless existense you have left..STOP giving a fuck..and be glad you will be dead soon..and it will all be over..except for the sreaming in hell for eternity bit..IF you are into that. If not..you will simply not exist...wont that be fun?

Remember the last time you didnt exist?..you spent several million eons happily wasting time not existing..and did it bother you at all??..no...so why the fuck should it bother you again??

So..GET the fuck over it...FUCK the world..its DOOMED..everything IN it is DOOMED..and soon it will all fade into a meaningless memory remebered by no one..for all die..all are doomed..and no one will remeber you..who you were..or what you did..and even if they did..they would not GIVE a fuck.

There..I hope I have cheered you up some.

Now..turn on the news..and watch the doom...and lighten up a bit. hf
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