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Message Subject YIELD SIGN EFFECT: What color is the US 'yield sign' ? (17 PAGES - still no consensus!! TIME PARADOX EVIDENCE???)
Poster Handle JADR+
Post Content
Even more bizarre:

Found someone who photographed evidence of a yellow yeild sign:

[link to www.aaroads.com (secure)]

"It's right off of Lewis Avenue in Tulsa near 59th Street."

Went to google street view at corner of Lewis Avenue and 59th Street, Tulsa, USA.

[link to mapstreetview.com (secure)]

I can see a yield sign alright ... except it's red!

 Quoting: JADR+

Why is it bizarre? The yellow ones are the old ones. Red and white are new ones.
 Quoting: MaxHeadroomIntrusion

It's bizarre, because I can't verify any proof of current yellow yield sign despite the fact that most people claim that's all they know.
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