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Scientists develop a vaccine to protect against Nipah virus which kills up to 75% of patients and is a World Health Organization 'major public he

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04/15/2019 10:47 AM
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Scientists develop a vaccine to protect against Nipah virus which kills up to 75% of patients and is a World Health Organization 'major public he
A vaccine which could protect people from catching the deadly Nipah virus has been developed by scientists.

Experts say it works well in animals and they plan to keep testing it with the aim of making it available to humans in at-risk areas.

Researchers at the Jefferson Vaccine Center in Philadelphia created the jab using both living and dead forms of the virus.

Nipah can be caught from contaminated food or from pigs, bats or other infected humans, and it may kill as many as three quarters of people who get it.

It is one of the World Health Organization's priority pathogens, meaning urgent action is needed against it.

Scientists at Jefferson modified an existing rabies vaccine to create the jab, because the viruses are physically similar, they said.

It works by training the body to prevent the virus causing disease in the nervous system. And their similarities mean the injection works against both infections.

Serious infections with the virus can cause lung conditions like pneumonia and a build-up of fluid in the lungs, or the brain infection encephalitis, seizures or coma.
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Nipah virus infection

Henipavirus structure.svg Structure of a Henipavirus

Specialty Infectious disease Edit this on Wikidata

None, fever, cough, headache, confusion[1]

Inflammation of the brain, seizures[2]

Usual onset
5 to 14 days after exposure[1]

Nipah virus (spread by direct contact)[3]

Diagnostic method
Based on symptoms, confirmed by laboratory testing[4]

Avoiding exposure to bats and sick pigs, not drinking raw date palm sap[5]

Supportive care[2]

~700 human cases (1998 to May 2018)[6][7]

~50 to 75% risk of death[6][8]

Nipah virus infection (NiV) is a viral infection caused by the Nipah virus.[2] Symptoms from infection vary from none to fever, cough, headache, shortness of breath, and confusion.[1][2] This may worsen into a coma over a day or two.[1] Complications can include inflammation of the brain and seizures following recovery.[2]

The Nipah virus is a type of RNA virus in the genus Henipavirus.[2] It can both spread between people and from other animals to people.[2] Spread typically requires direct contact with an infected source.[3] The virus normally circulates among specific types of fruit bats.[2] Diagnosis is based on symptoms and confirmed by laboratory testing.[4]
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