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Message Subject Where Is Islam Good?
Poster Handle nocty
Post Content
It would have maybe If it reformed and the people said :ok owning slaves is not in anymore it seems and water is easier to come by now.But when the idea is that the whole point of the ku'ran is is that it's unchanged from the get go.Well of course it's unchanged after u had the Bible who pieced other old story's in to one.Then you create a monster...and someone needs his monsters.Its a shame as you can find many esoteric meanings in the kuran that are missing or written less understandable in the Bible due to translation misswordings.Its a shame they went in to a dark direction as they were a beacon of science once when we whites were monkeying and cuting people for saying the Earth is round.They instead of enlightening the world further went the oposite way and you can find only glimmers now in some art today.But that will not sufice.Its in someone's interest to keep the lights off.As long as the Ferraris are flowing...
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