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Message Subject Where Is Islam Good?
Poster Handle nocty
Post Content
You can not fucking own Ferraris and rolexes but not reform.That shit is what created isis and they blow up their own alot.Its just funny and does not go together.These fucking scholars and historians you let write your history of the world and especially religion are the death of human progress.And America no matter it's founding idea of true freedom is also caught up in this.Not excluded.Even more so used heavely in being someone's all you can eat buffet.Where they just plunder her fruits and use it to throw them on the heads of the people They don't like.But then you start not liking them eather for no reason other then "that guys"lol.And so you bicker and meanwhile "the guy" gets off trough the door with the loot.lol.

I don't think humanity will ever stand up for itself as one...There is people who can do that and start making it happen.But the opposition is just...how to say out of this world...lol.
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