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Message Subject Notre Dame: Rabbi says the fire is retribution for 13th-century Talmud burning
Poster Handle Seagull Lake
Post Content
To be fair here,

I think Islamic radicals, or the Macron Regime are top suspects.

But, it is good to remember,

there are delusional groups that crave for the destruction of the West, and Christians.
 Quoting: Seagull Lake

it would be near impossible for an arsonist to do it and get away without anybody seeing it..on a construction site like that you cannot just walk into it, there will be guards stationed 24-7..you can't just walk into there with accelerants either, they are very strict on that it's a whole process

not to mention their cctv which again would be near impossible to avoid detection
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77492676


But, where there’s a will, there is state sponsored intelligence service with special ops assets that can do things that seem impossible.

Remember building 7?
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