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Message Subject Notre Dame: Rabbi says the fire is retribution for 13th-century Talmud burning
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Christianity, he explained, “is our number one enemy throughout history. [They] tried to convert us by arguments and by force, carried out an inquisition against us, burned the Talmud, expulsions, pogroms. Western anti-Semitism draws from Christianity’s hatred of the ‘murderers of God.’ It also had a role in the Holocaust.”
 Quoting: Seagull Lake

That much was already obvious, but at least they’re telling the truth for once.

What the Rabbi needs to understand is it’s not the ‘killing Jesus’ thing we have a problem with.

That was two thousand years ago and we have long ago made our peace with it.

The thing that we have a problem with is the constant attempts to enslave and genocide our people.

The zionists need to start being honest about what they have been up to.

No more lies!
 Quoting: Gospel of Thomas

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