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Message Subject Notre Dame: Rabbi says the fire is retribution for 13th-century Talmud burning
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I have been wanting to point out for a while that the J-ews probably destroyed Rome
Look at what is happening in Europe now, with the J-ews infiltrating all governments, and J-ews such as Soros importing hordes from the third world to overwhelm and destroy Europe. The burning of Notre Dame was part and parcel of this (not done by the hordes because they did not have access, it was definitely Mossad or other top level media protected intelligence) but aside from that point, look at what is happening to Europe now.

What is happening to Europe now precisely matches what destroyed the Roman empire. Let's get to specifics:

First, Rome was de-moralized, turned sexually deviant and gay, and then the "hordes arrived" and overwhelmed the population and crashed the empire.

Now Europe:
FIRST, Europe was turned sexually deviant and gay, and then the hordes arrived. Europe has not fallen yet, but since we know damn well WHO pushed the gay agenda, WHO infiltrated their governments to allow the hordes in, and WHO owns the media, which keeps everything as silent as possible, the parallel between Europe and Rome cannot be overlooked. The methodology is so exact between the two that it strongly indicates it was the J-ews who are doing this to Europe were the same people who actually destroyed Rome. It did not happen to the Roman empire by accident, BET ON IT.

The 200 year cycle everyone talks about as the average lifespan of a nation is probably the average length of time it takes the J-ews to infiltrate new organizations and groups, and wipe them out. The only civilization with ancient roots that the J-ews failed at destroying via subversion was the Ottoman empire, which was destroyed during world war 1. And guess who was probably behind even that.

[link to www.jimstone.is]

[link to imgur.com (secure)]

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