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Message Subject Trump stabs white America in the back again as he vetos bill to end support for the Saudi Arabian war in Yemen, making it Trump's war in Yemen
Poster Handle News_hungry
Post Content
If you really want to know what is going on behind the scenes go to the 21 minute mark of Greg Hunter's weekly report where he spells it out. Basically SA is being supported because of Iran (who does have a nuke) wanting to take control of trade routes and Yemen.

 Quoting: Proud Trump Supporter

Utter B.S.

Yemen was the last independent country, without a Rotschild owned central bank in the Arabian peninsula and Trump and his elite friends want it.
The Saudis are trying to occupy Yemen for many generations. Now, with trumps help they are just exterminating the poor Yemenis.

I hope all involved in this massacre rot for an eternity.
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