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Message Subject HE has risen...happy, blessed Easter
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Actually all the scientific evidence shows clearly that Jesus did not die on the cross, but was drugged so as to appear dead, then brought to Joseph's newly purchased tomb, where some of his followers used herbs and antoiments to heal his wounds as best as possible. He walked out of the tomb, but was still in a lot of pain, that's why he told Mary not to touch him. He then made his way to Kashmir and India. Stop believing the lies the orthodox church tells you, it's crucial for the spiritual growth of humanity that we move past the dogma and see the truth. Jesus was a man, had a wife and kids, and although he was obviously highly evolved, still had worldly issues. That was the point, to show that normal every day people can can live like he did. The church lies to you so that Jesus gets put on a pedestal so that you worship him instead of taking his life as a real world example of how to live. He also studied for many years (the wandering in the desert years, another church lie) with Buddhists. They have records of him there is monasteries high in the mountains. His uncorrupted teachings actually mirror Buddhism closely, and he was vegetarian.
In this day and age, it is only willful ignorance that keeps humanity down in the spiritual dark ages, right where the church wants you to be. Wake up, look up, stop worshipping and start thinking for yourself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70106550


Thread: The Resurrection Argument That Changed a Generation of Scholars - Gary Habermas

No people in the Bible have been proven to have NOT existed.

No places in the Bible have been proven to have NOT existed.

No events in the Bible have been proven to have NOT have happened.

God...the Father..exists, as does His Son Yeshua.

The Bible covers 4000+ years of their interaction with mankind.

Hundreds of people AND thousands of places mentioned in it are proven to exist.

And there is not one single shred of evidence OF ANY KIND that actually DISPROVES anything in the Bible.

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Thread: Testimonies of Miracles Angels etc...proof of God / Yahuah & Son Jesus / Yeshua
 Quoting: TheLordsServant

I'm sorry, but you are just a servant of the church...not of the creator. Btw, your very first link pretty much disproves itself. You clearly have not done any unbiased research, I bet you just go into a search engine and click only on stuff that sounds good to you. The fact of the matter is, you are behind the curve. More and more people are rejecting the status quo of religious b.s., and the truth is coming slowly into the light. I'm not saying the bible is all lies, but it's a mix of half truths and warped interpretations...not even counting what was omitted. The church, especially the early Christian church, had an agenda, and believe me...it wasn't for the greater good of mankind.
I hope you figure this all out before you pass on, so you can forgive yourself for spreading lies all your life, and also so you can rectify with those who have believed your dogma. I sincerely wish you luck, and no hard feelings. Sometimes you gotta hit bottom before you make your way up.
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